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The truth is written on our faces


Why the Deep Emotional Skills course?

Recognise emotions through conscious listening to verbal, non-verbal communication channels and facial micro-expressions.


Achieve a full awareness of one's emotions and therefore an optimal management of our emotional potential.


Understand how emotions affect behaviours, find out how to act on triggers and improve your effectiveness in relationships.


Modulate the manifestation of one's emotions and choose the most effective behaviour for the context in which we find ourselves.


Increase one's relational competence through a scientific reading of the unconscious communication channels.


Achieving and maintaining an EMOTIONAL BALANCE that elevates one's state of BEING, DOING and HAVING.

Areas of application

Management: Increase interpersonal and relational skills - increase one's motivational impact - increase one's assertiveness


Commercial: Amplify the skills of negotiation, persuasion and development of successful relationships Human Resources: assessment and research and selection of personnel


Personal Development: increase your EMOTIONAL BALANCE and create the internal / external conditions to manage your individual potential


How is Deep Emotional Skills structured?


KNOWLEDGE: full understanding of theories and models on emotions, triggers and emotional rapture


COMPETENCE: development of knowledge and skills to read verbal, non-verbal and facial micro-expressions


APPLICATION: practical experimentation on the application of the knowledge received, in the construction of effective interpersonal relationships


​Atlas of emotions. In-depth study of the 7 dominant emotions for a full understanding of:


  Which stimuli ignite every single family of emotion

  Which Actions belong to the single emotion family

  What are the triggering factors and what intensity they cause

Facial Microexpressions

  Recognise emotions through unconscious non-verbal communication channels and through the study of facial micro-expressions


  Anticipating other people's reactions



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