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The strength strategy aims to identify the talents and strengths of people, in order to be able to develop a business strategy that improves productivity and performance quality.


It consists of 3 tools:



Individual Strength Analysis: an individual aptitude analysis based on the study of the 10 fundamental attitudes to be developed for the future ISA brings to light our most important strengths and talents.



Team Strength Analysis: an analysis of the corporate climate that measures the match between corporate culture and the needs of employees, divided by category and for each individual department. The analysis provides a framework that allows each manager to understand how to change the relationship with their collaborators and develop a development strategy for the people + performance process.



Strength Management: Starting from the point of view that managers make the difference, SM is the Management Method that teaches how to create highly performing teams based on managing the strengths and natural talents of people.


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individual strength analysis

Individual Strength Analysis

Knowing the actual potential of the people who work with you is the basis for understanding how the most important resources of the company are distributed and used.

team strength analysis

Team Strength Analysis

People have a precise perception of the company. The measurement and study of this perception are the first step to fully understand your organisation and develop development strategies.


Strength Management

Everyone needs to feel that they are in a role that allows them to use their talent and to be in a group that encourages them to improve and grow.

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