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alla ricerca del talento

Alla Ricerca del Talento


Talent must be identified, nurtured, refined and put to use to favor the exchange of value with the market, to live a fulfilling existence and a career crowned with success. We have entered a new era. The era of individual responsibility, self-confidence and awareness of one's abilities. An era made of freedom, in which justifications and excuses no longer produce profits either for the individual or even for large organizations.

Talent is found in what we love to do most in the world. It is what we manage to do spontaneously, without effort or without even knowing how and why, not only well but in a unique, excellent and inimitable way.

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Ricerca lockdown

Lockdown 2020 Research
Strength Analysis

Cosa abbiamo scoperto (1).png
What we have done?

A research on the change of attitudes in a global disruption with the help of the Strength Analysis Test. The modification of behaviors and attitudes in an experience of disruption and some reflections on the value of the training experience in identifying and using the attitudes necessary to favor reactive capacity and recovery​ . ​

What have we discovered?

The focus on the future has decreased. 57% of people started living more day to day instead of planning for the future. The "everything will be fine" movement has come out. 57% of people became more optimistic.  

52% of people have started to question themselves more than before. Less security, more doubts about one's skills. 72% of Leadership Academy clients have increased their empathy towards others!

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WayOut Café

wayout cafe

A virtual coffee and a chat in the company of experts from the business world.

Giorgio Nicastro hosted the experts from the sectors of eCommerce, Communication, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Start-up ...

We help companies grow,
Communicating and Delivering Value, with Speed and Excellence
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