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What is Individual Strength Analysis?

Knowing the actual potential of the people who work with you is the basis for understanding how the most important resources of the company are distributed and used.


An objective analysis of one's attitudes helps to unlock and direct one's potential towards high-level performance.


Individual  Strength Analysis  it is the tool that allows you to fully understand your "Strengths" and opportunities for improvement, creating a new awareness of your potential expressed and to be expressed.


Find out how you can immediately transform your untapped potential and that of your collaborators into performance.


Transform talent into performance.

Learn to build up your strengths to increase your performance and the performance of your team


Why Talent?


Talent is ... the behavioural profile we develop to survive and succeed in our environment.

If the environment changes at an exponential rate, generating ever higher levels of complexity.


Talent will be … the tool to build our ability to fully realise and deliver our value.

Strength Analysis

Organisational benefits

Reduce the costs of recruitment and selection
Decrease turnover

Improve productivity


Increase individual and team performance

Promote engagement
Achieve high levels of empowerment


What is the Individual Strength Analysis used for?

# 1 To select the right people

Identify the attitude requirements needed to successfully perform a certain job .

# 2 For individual innovation

Discover the strengths and areas for improvement that allow you to raise your personal potential. An objective aptitude analysis allows us to focus on 20% of actions that can determine 80% of the results.

# 3 To innovate organisational processes

Provide an overview of all individualities and group interactions, helping everyone to better manage their role.

Why do we struggle to engage and motivate?
Cognitive biases:

What we think we see and know becomes what we see and know.


Strength Analysis

The 10 attitudes of the test














The tool that accompanies people in all phases of the development process

# 1 Research and Selection

select the best in each position


# 2 Onboarding

fast and secure entry into the new role


# 3 Performance

improve performance


# 4 Targeted training

exact estimate of the training effort required


# 5 Growth and career

unlock growth potential


# 6 Development of individual potential and leadership

identify the right people for key roles


# 7 Executive development


The angels' way

Our strengths

Continuous commitment to the development of the online platform


Exclusive user access via link


Reserved area with direct access to development and results in real time (COMING SOON)


Online archiving of results


Custom user login panel


Autonomous creation of dedicated sessions - Autonomous creation of dedicated sessions for selections or analysis of internal departments


Ongoing commitment to improving customer service


Simple, fast and focused user experience - single questions to help focus.


Simplified three-factor response. Automatic advance to answer


Continuous user training


Consultancy service  24/7


Availability on desktop, smartphone and tablet


Do you want to see how it works?

Certification Program

Training and use options

The Program is aimed at managers and Human Resource professionals, Recruiters, Talent Management specialists, Organisational Development Specialists, Professional Coaches.


Why Strength Analysis (2.5 hours)


- Free online workshop

- The workshop is an introduction to the use of the test


Strength Analysis Workshop (1 day)


- Free, with release of certificate of participation

- The workshop provides the theoretical basis to understand the tool and its fields of use.


Strength Analysis semi-certified (2 days): mandatory for autonomous use of the SA Test


- The course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to administer and interpret the SA Test


Strength analysis fully-certified (2 days): mandatory to give feedback on the test results directly to the person


- Individual training for the preparation of feedback

- Issue of the 'sa certified' certificate and authorisation to use the trademark


Strength Analysis recruiter program (2 days)


- The course illustrates in depth the methodology of using SA test in the processes of recruitment and selection of personnel.

- Issue of the 'SA recruiter' certificate





Lockdown 2020

A study on the change of attitudes in a global disruption.

The modification of behaviours and attitudes in an experience of global disruption and reflections on the value of the training experience in identifying and using the attitudes necessary to favour reactive capacity and recovery.

A research carried out with the help of the Individual Strength Analysis Test

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