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Leadership Training 1 & 2


Leadership is an ever-developing theme; it transforms and evolves together with social and economic changes. If until recently the Leader was the one who commanded and directed, today the Leader is the one who guides people towards new goals dictated by a push that comes from awareness, responsibility and the decision to constantly improve. Leader is the one who inspires people to be Great.


Companies that want to conquer or maintain a relevant position on the market must be animated by an emotional leadership style, which pushes each member of each team to make a contribution of high added value.

A leader in step with the times must adopt an open, emotional, inspired and highly responsible thinking model.

You will discover how simple and engaging the road to the new vision of the successful leader is.


​Who is it for: The Leadership course is ideal for entrepreneurs and managers who want to achieve personal success through the success of their people.

During the course, participants will be able to hone the skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary to become motivating and engaging leaders.


Duration: 2 full immersion days

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Build your Mission Statement


The Mission Statement is a strategic review of the company's basic assumptions, dedicated to medium and large companies.


The Mission Statement is the soul of the company, the intangible and energetic part that creates the differentiating culture that attracts or rejects, that divides or aggregates, that makes it unique and inimitable.


Who is it for: Entrepreneurs and leaders of medium / large companies who want to undertake a strategic review of the entrepreneurial vision, in preparation or after having carried out an organizational change of the company.


Duration: 2 full immersion days

From Generation to Generation


For the first time in history we are faced with the overlap of at least four generations in the company. This means that your organisation will need to preserve some traditions but destroy others for the sake of innovation. It means bringing together people who have different behavioural patterns and values. Collaboration and leadership. All these factors put together at the same time. Do you think this is a contradiction? indeed it is, so be prepared!


  First session dedicated to Senior entrepreneurs who have inserted or want to insert their children in the family business


  Second session  dedicated to juniors involved in the family business


  Third session dedicated to Senior and Junior together, to build together a new corporate vision based on the management of Talent, suitable for overcoming the tensions of generational clashes and for the Company to prosper in this new unstable, crazy but exciting world.

Duration: 3 consecutive meetings 1 day each

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