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Our Learning Maps can be made to measure!


We like to pay close attention to the specific needs of our customers, so we offer a wide range of customisation possibilities

The basic customisation consists in adding your Company's Logo on the game, creating some tailor-made content, for example by customising some questions or some case histories.

For the most demanding companies we can create a new exclusive Learning Map.

The exclusive Learning Maps are a unique tool, to be used as a training path, to introduce people to the corporate culture, history and values that distinguish the company.

Our international team of experts is able to help you bring your vision of life and business into your Learning Map, while our master trainers will train your trainers for optimal management of the training path.

Case History: Generation Legality

If you tell me I forget it, if you explain it to me I remember it, if you involve me I share it!


This Learning Map was designed 100% at the request of the Labor Consultant Studies Foundation.


This Learning Map based on the “Game” system was created to train high school students on very sensitive and difficult to transmit issues: legality in the world of work, the social role of the Labor Consultant and how to prevent the phenomenon of organised crime.  

The "Legality Generation" Learning Map creates a training experience that has three fundamental objectives:

  1. Increase the knowledge and understanding of young people on the subject of legality in the world of work;

  2. Allow Participants to deepen the role of Professionals, such as Labor Consultants, as a safeguard of legality;

  3. Provide, through role-playing games and practical examples, a tool for personal growth, which favours legality and effective reflections.

Together with the Team of the Labor Consultants Studies Foundation we managed to merge the knowledge to be transmitted to school pupils and our experience in the creation of the game, to create a new training course for young Italians. 

Are you interested in knowing how we can help your company through a Learning Map? 

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