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Customer Experience Management


Managing the customer experience is increasingly important in the marketing world. Running your business so that the customer experience is great allows your organization to gain a significant competitive advantage, attract new customers more easily, build trust, and allow others to fall in love with your brand.


The aim of the course is to help you acquire essential tools that allow you to improve the customer experience. We help you put yourself in your customers' shoes and understand how they experience your brand while teaching you how to use that information in your marketing strategy.


Duration: one day seminar

Smile branding

Customers these days know that whatever service or product you offer, they can probably find the same thing elsewhere. Smile Branding is one of our training programs designed to help your business enter not only your customers' minds, but their hearts as well, creating loyalty and helping spread the word.


We focus on the principles of passion and respect in the eyes of customers: do you simply offer what they need or is your brand also sexy and lovable in the eyes of your customers? We help you understand how emotions affect customers and teach you what you can do to positively influence the customer experience so they keep coming back again and again.


Duration: one day seminar


Marketing Revolution Training


Myriads of books have been written on the Four Ps of marketing (Product, Price, Positioning, Promotion), which is certainly a valid and important concept, but we must add an extra P which is fundamental in the marketing process: People.


To be present on the market, a company must have a product or service to sell, promote it using the right methods at the right price and distribute it properly. But a brand, to be distinguished, must enter the minds of its potential customers and put that fifth P. into practice.


This course focuses on just that, promoting your brand in a way that sets it apart from everything else. Our program teaches you how to position your brand or product on the market, how to put yourself in your potential customers' shoes, what to say, how to say it and by what means, and finally how to measure results.


Who is it for: entrepreneurs or managers, who want to efficiently promote their brand and their products, distinguishing them from others in an already overcrowded and super competitive market.

Duration: two days full immersion

We help companies grow,
Communicating and Delivering Value, with Speed and Excellence
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