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We help new hires find their way


Make New Hires Induction an unforgettable experience!

When one thinks of Induction, 3 days of boring and unbearable training come to mind, which hopefully will be over as soon as possible.

Why not make it more interesting and captivating than it is now? Why not give new hires a fun and unique experience in their new workplace?

My Way into… is one of our latest creations in the field of learning map, created specifically for the needs of your company to cope with the Induction process. It is a real journey, designed to give new hires a very accurate vision of the company, passing from history, vision and mission, to then focus on the role that will be occupied.


The players will make their path on the personalized scoreboard, receiving information about the company, its members, aligning their expectations with what the company offers them in terms of role and structure.

Why is Induction important?


  With My Way Into it is possible to train new hires and provide them with a clear and immediate understanding of values, history, corporate identity, structure, processes, people, roles, services, reference markets.

  My Way Into quickly orients the new employee to organizational daily life and makes him immediately operational.


  My Way Into creates an immediate and engaging induction of new hires in the structure and company philosophy.

  My Way Into cuts the costs and times of inbound training.

  My Way Into conveys motivation and the ability to contextualize one's contribution within the company organization.

We help companies grow,
Communicating and Delivering Value, with Speed and Excellence
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