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Sales Techniques Training  

This training course is designed for salespeople who have a significant level of industry experience and want to undertake a high-level consulting approach.

With the two days the sellers will learn the necessary knowledge to be able to manage the most innovative sales and H2H negotiation techniques, to carry out and conduct even more complex negotiations, the construction of the personal brand and infallible techniques to close any type of negotiation. 


AIMED AT: Salespeople who want to take the leap in quality and ensure they stay one step ahead of the market.

Organisations that want to evolve their sales network towards the negotiation of complex services with great added value.

Entrepreneurs who want to sell "value" to customers and not just products!


DURATION: 2 days full immersion


Sales Manager Training


Find out how managers make a difference. Learn strategies for implementing and designing a sales program for your team and then put it into action!  


In this training intervention we focus on helping managers on the definition of KPIs and key points. We support managers in developing their sales strategies and sharing them with the team, in order to define objectives, goals, targets and budgets. We are thus witnessing the transformation of planning into implementation. Sales managers thus gain greater awareness of the tangible results they can achieve and measure over time.


WHO IS IT TARGETED AT: sales managers who wish to refine their skills and knowledge for a managerial management of their sales network.


Duration: 2 days full immersion 

Competitive communication

Competence allows you to enter the game, communication allows you to win! (Beau Toskich).


Social Communication allows you to express yourself with others; Competitive Communication allows you to win! In the business world we always talk about winning, otherwise we tend to keep quiet. Our words are our super power!


This course teaches participants to build their own personal vocabulary and allows them to choose the words they want to avoid and the ones they want to continue using in the future to carry out successful actions.


Your products or services have real value and we teach participants to use the most effective words and strategies to communicate it to the market. When it comes to long-term customer loyalty, the words used are more valuable than the sales product or service. The program includes training on value selling… eliminate the word discount from your vocabulary!


Who is it for: This course is dedicated to anyone trying to win in the business world using strategic communication techniques.


Duration: one day seminar

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