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Condolences to the competition


Sell City is the innovative solution to train Retailers.

It is a high level, fun and stimulating training experience that allows Participants to compare, in a positive manner, strategic themes such as: sales techniques, competitive communication, marketing and branding.


The level of competition in today’s market is extremely high and thus, the level of preparation of sales People must be adequate.


SELL CITY allows participants to put their existing knowledge to practice, by means of direct experience and training.

The ideal solution to train Retailer

Why play Sell City?


  With SELL CITY we create relationship and interaction between team members in order to create a strong team.

  A path that allows you to develop (and therefore increase) knowledge related to the world of sales, in order to acquire fundamental notions of Marketing, Sales, Communication and Branding.

  Continuous training and training of the sales network.

  A tool to manage meetings and meetings in an innovative way.

  Deep but fun Training Days.

We help companies grow,
Communicating and Delivering Value, with Speed and Excellence
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