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"Learning is an Experience, everything else is just information".

A. Einstein

The greatest ability of a manager consists in knowing how to manage the contradictory aspects of the management of his collaborators.


The manager must establish coherent and shareable expectations for ALL his collaborators and at the same time know how to treat each person in a different and special way.


It is necessary for a manager to be able to create importance in the work environment, together with a noble and great purpose in which people are able to satisfy their needs of belonging, usefulness and importance.

Everyone needs to feel that they are in a role that allows them to use their talent and to be in a group that stimulates them to improve and grow.


At the same time managers must take care of all their collaborators, acknowledge the merit of all and work on the strengths of each one.


How can you acquire the correct point of view, develop these skills and what do I have to do "simply and precisely" to be able to create all of this? In this workshop we give you SIMPLE and PRECISE answers to these questions!

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