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Every single person is YOUNIQUE


Diversity in the workplace is not only an incredible value for creativity and productivity but it is also inevitable!

Today in the world of work we are faced with enormous diversity. 4 generations working together, disabilities, a range of different cultures and gender diversity that is not just binary. All these diversities must work together to reach the same goals and the same visions!


YOUNIQUE one of our latest learning maps that can be used for professional development and training both as ongoing training and as a single session. What is the goal? Encourage discussions on diversity!


During the play session, each individual brings their life experience with them to embrace the differences and use them to create a competitive advantage.


This learning map goes much deeper than the others! We encourage participants to interface with the various issues using role-plays, case histories and information to open their minds. Participants move around the board, earn points and are encouraged to see diversity in a new way, never thought of before.


The winners of the game will be those who, having acquired new awareness, will be able to make them emerge during work.

Why is Diversity Important?


  YOUNIQUE increases knowledge of eating, religious, etc. characteristics and habits. of actual and potential colleagues.


  YOUNIQUE helps to experience diversity as a strategic advantage for the company and an opportunity to be seized in terms of creativity, abundance and product diversification.


  It stimulates teamwork, ensuring that everyone's skills are integrated with those of colleagues, giving the company the impetus to innovate and make the most of all the talents employed.

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