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Improve to be the Best
Today more than ever there is a need for leaders

"There are dozens of ways to lose a race. Only one to win it"

Charles Bukowski


Why the Leadership Academy?

Today more than ever there is a need for leaders. Authentic people who know how to involve, engage the skills and instill the passion to achieve success and give stability to Organizations.


If this is your goal, the WayOut Leadership Academy will give you the right method and the best attitudes to transform your ambition into performance.

What we will do together

A path that includes up to three years of training, organized over 2 days a month for 11 months a year. A specific program and a trainer who will follow you step by step to identify the most effective tools and help you develop the skills you will need for your personal and professional growth.


How will we do it?


An environment dedicated to a limited number in which you will use exclusive teaching material and you can compare yourself with those who have the same goal as you.

In complexity, whoever thinks of doing everything alone loses. Whoever it is.

We will build your success together

WayOut is a consulting and training company specialised in transforming Talent into Performance.


With us you will become aware of your potential and you will have effective tools to improve yourself and convert your results into stable success.


We will use our Strength Analysis Test to give you a clear picture of your assets and to make sure your training becomes the tailored suit that will make you unique.

Put your strengths into practice!


How is the Leadership Academy structured?


The Academy was designed with two distinct purposes:

  Give you the tools to be able to develop and apply an effective Leadership style


  Give you the experience of sharing what you will learn with people who follow the same path as you in a protected and private environment

A Leader is like a gardener.

In the seed he sees the flower and sees the fruit.

The study programs

  22 training days (2 days / month for 11 months)


  Coffee break and light lunch service


  Permanent access to exclusive teaching material  



  Dedicated learning tests


  Dedicated coach 1 hour / month


  WayOut Leadership Academy welcome kit


  Access to the Leadership Community


  Participation plaque

Do you want more information?

We help companies grow,
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