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The basis of our Learning maps - Playful thinking

Our Learning Maps are game-based; they are innovative paths that the participants build by playing, becoming authors and protagonists of the same training process.


Through dynamics that favour direct interaction, teamwork and coordination between groups, the people of the team confront each other, find solutions and coordinate strategies along a path of compelling, engaging content and challenges focused on daily, corporate and personal experience.


​Today's market requires a customer management style that pushes people to conscious action, to responsible action that creates the best conditions so that the customer is accompanied to live an excellent 'experience' of the product / service and of the brand in the as a whole.


​Playful Thinking: ultimately it is playfulness that pushes people to abandon the mental forms given by habit and routine.

Performance Tools

Discover our Performance Tools


Discover your Leadership DNA

Discover your Leadership DNA is the Learning Map that helps managers reflect objectively on the efficiency of their leadership, and then continue to develop their knowledge and skills as a team leader.


Time to Talent

Time to Talent is one of our Learning Maps that we use as  group training. The target? Increase knowledge about Talent and help each individual discover his Talents.



One of our latest creations in the field of learning maps designed to open minds on the great value of diversity in the company. Diversity between generations, gender, culture and disability, in this learning map we start the dialogue and comparison without barriers!


Learning Maps Made to Measure

Vorresti inserire il tuo marchio in una delle nostre Learning Maps per personalizzare le tue sessioni di formazione?


Customer Experience

A new era for Learning maps, created to ensure that the entire company organisation is amalgamated with passion and energy to build customer loyalty from all points of view. Turn your customers into fans!


Sell City

Sell City is a learning map developed to help companies cultivate their sales networks. Sales techniques, competitive communication, marketing and branding. Goodbye competitors!


My Way Into

Entering the company for new hires becomes a fun and memorable experience with our 100% customisable learning map! Who said induction was a boring process?

We help companies grow,
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